Heating Services
Having problems with your heating?

- Radiators not working?
- Leaky radiator valves?
- Noisy radiators?
- Hot water not heating?
- Cold spots on radiators some not working?
- Warm air heating blowing cold

You'll be glad to know we are equipped to deal with all these problems! Give us a call below.

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Fuel bills taking too much from the wage packet?

Why not upgrade the controls to your heating so you only heat what you need, when you need it, to a temperature you need.

Controls upgrades are only charged at 5% vat so get your money out of Gordon Brown.

Do your bit for the enviroment and reduce your Co2 foot print.

Case Study

In 2008 we upgraded a customers boiler
from non condensing to a Band A Worcester Ri gas condensing boiler, fitted a control pack to control the heating and hot water function.
After the gas price increase in the PNG network I returned and serviced the appliance and the customer reported he noted his gas costs had dropped by approaxmately by 5% even after the tarriff increase.
He was looking forward to the reduction in the gas tarriff and believed that with the price reduction the capitial cost would be paid back in five years.