Got a leak and can't find it? We Can!
AK Services can offer thermal imaging were leaks are hidden in solid floors and cannot be found we can come in using our equipment, trace, locate and repair the leak.

Why pay someone to find it and another to fix it? We offer a one stop shop.

Below are photos from a recent job, the client had sold the house but the system would not hold pressure. Deserted by Phoenix Energy Services they contacted us. We attended, using the camera traced the leak below the oak floor, excavated, and repaired the leak.

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On the right is the camera showing the heat signature of a leak.

The dark read show the point and the lighter colours the damp in the floor which had spread out.

Its clear dig up the whole floor or use our services to trace accurately the leak open the small opening and repair the problem.

Time, money and stress reduced.

We can under take insulation survies and engery audits to show were you are loosing your heat and money.